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  • "I wear pieces that hold stories, that have meaning. All my stones I have around me hold memories, they’re so important to me. My wardrobe is quite understated – alot of black and neutral colours, so my jewellery is like a bit of my personality, my armour, in a way."
~ As told to INDTL by @db_hall founder of @botaniclab
  • Pssst...our first ever newsletter is going live tomorrow - to kick off our founder @beaniemajor will be taking you back to where it all began. Follow the link in the bio to sign up.
  • "I draw all the time. If I don't have any paper, I just grab toilet paper. The notes around my work are from books I'm listening to - normally biology books - I'm a bit of a biology geek". ---------------------------------------------------
As told to INDTL by @castrosmith (follow the link in the bio)
  • Meet the maker @castrosmith who's hand engraved rings are gaining a cult following. (Link in bio)
  • Four experts give their jewellery predictions for 2018 (link in bio)
  • The jewellery brands you should watching in 2018 according to our panel of experts @rubychadw @srgjewel @kattyruthbish @adorninsight (link in bio)
  • "I didn’t wear jewellery until I was 19. Discovering jewellery was a gradual process for me. I’m a creature of habit – I only ever take off my necklaces and rings at night. My friends associate my jewellery with me" ---------------------------------------------------
As told to INDTL by Anna Williamson co-founder of @yolkegirl in our latest #jewellerybox feature
  • Making shapes - rings in Rhodium plated 18kt gold and diamonds by @patcharavipa
  • We are super excited to be back in the office today as we have BIG plans for 2018. Check the link in the bio for our new manifesto - it outlines the values and thinking which have guided us for the last 7 years and sets out our mission for the future.  Happy new year and thank you for all your love and support ❤️
  • Handmade by @duffyjewellery and one of a kind available from @hostemppl - every detail is considered inside and out 👌🏼#allinthedetails

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