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  • Sapphire ring by @ruthtomlinsonjewellery featured on INDTL today. The perfect engagement ring for the unconventional bride. (Link in bio)
  • "My jewellery derives from the unconventional beauty I discover in the world" ~ @ruthtomlinsonjewellery featured on INDTL (link in bio)
  • Our passion for jewellery is often inherited from our mothers. Happy Mother's Day to all Mama's. (As told to INDTL by @sarahnoorjewellery)
  • Sunday vibes 🖐🏻
  • Your daily dose of #earspration feat. @venyxworld #newcollection
  • Eye pendants by @ileanamakri created using baguette diamonds 👁
  • Hands up if this resonates with you ❤️ - as told to INDTL by @poppydover
  • Obsessing over this diamond & agate earrings by @karolinstudio that we spotted in Paris.
  • One of our favourite pieces from @venyxworld latest collection are these striking spiked Pyr earrings in white gold, diamonds and sunset chalcedonies. 👌🏼
  • Unique creations from @xiaowangjewelry in a mixture of natural coloured diamonds & precious stones. (The ring on the right also featured a cushion-cut fossilised dinosaur bone in the centre.)

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