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  • An Art Deco old mine cut diamond and emerald ring via. @leightonjewels. Thanks @josefinebruusjewelry for sharing.
  • #Details by @carbonandhyde
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  • On point 👌🏼Your daily dose of #earspiration feat. @_mpnt
  • #tbt to when @alexiajordanjewellery joined our community of emerging fine jewellers by sharing her debut collection on In Detail
  • Pyramid bracelet by @sarahnoorjewellery
  • Current mood. Via. @henrydominiquejewelry
  • Via. The legend @atticuspoetry
  • Fist bumps for the weekend. 👊🏻Rings by @ralphmasri
  • Your daily dose of #earspiration feat. @leonyvonne

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