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Jewellery career
Almost 10 years ago, a love for diamonds sparked a career change for Lisa Levinson. Since swapping management consultancy for the precious gemstones, she has travelled all over the world working with the stones. From folkloric tales to the science behind the gems, her extensive knowledge...
How to
‘Jewellery has such a narrative’, says jewellery designer Georgina Boyce. Never more so than on your wedding day, when the pieces you wear will not only be admired...
  • Summer hues by @belperron
  • Gorgeous greens @mingjewellerylondon 💚
  • As told to ID by New York jeweller @ninarunsdorfjewelry (link in the bio)
  • “Jewellery is about emotion. When someone wears it there is a personal connection. My job is to create pieces that stir emotion in my clients.” — As told ID by @ninarunsdorfjewelry (full interview in bio)
  • New York designer @ninarunsdorfjewelry tells In Detail about antiques, accessorising and inclusivity - link in our bio.
  • Evil eye on chunky chain by @jemmawynne ❤️
  • Thank you so much @tatlermagazine for this fantastic write up on our engagement ring concierge. Link to full article in bio including @beaniemajor top tips for choosing the perfect ring.
  • Chunky charms by @rosadelacruzlondon styled alongside @cartier love bracelet 👌🏼
  • A dip into the archive of our client rings. Both of these rings are ‘wed-fit’ which means they are raised from the finger so a wedding band and eternity ring can we worn neatly underneath. When you are choosing your engagement ring it’s vital you think about what wedding wedding band you want at the same time. It should never be an afterthought.
  • Pick n mix feat. @singlestonela 👌🏼👌🏼

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