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Jewellery career
Almost 10 years ago, a love for diamonds sparked a career change for Lisa Levinson. Since swapping management consultancy for the precious gemstones, she has travelled all over the world working with the stones. From folkloric tales to the science behind the gems, her extensive knowledge...
How to
‘Jewellery has such a narrative’, says jewellery designer Georgina Boyce. Never more so than on your wedding day, when the pieces you wear will not only be admired...
  • Diamond initials by @jenniferfisherjewelry 👌🏼
  • This wrap ID bracelet by Dina Kamal can also be worn as a necklace. Contact our personal shoppers for more information >
  • ‘Your engagement ring can be whatever you want it to be’ — this is what we tell all of our clients. We are head-over-heals for this ring which we helped a wonderful client to commission last year.
  • Pinky perfection by @mallarino. The serpent divides people when it comes to jewellery - are you a yes or a no?!!
  • Jewellery connects people to one another and transcends generations.
  • Golden perfect. A hand full of rings by @zolotasjewelry ✨
  • This lady knows how to layer. For a more is more approach check out our interview with @lorihirshleifer for some serious inspiration. (link in the bio)
  • Art Deco engagement ring of dreams by @jessica_mccormack
  • Stunning blue sapphire and diamond ring by @davidmichaeljewels. Thank you @bijouxreview for introducing us to these breathtaking pieces.
  • How to do mismatch earrings in style by @ireneneuwirth 👌🏼

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