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Jewellery career
Almost 10 years ago, a love for diamonds sparked a career change for Lisa Levinson. Since swapping management consultancy for the precious gemstones, she has travelled all over the world working with the stones. From folkloric tales to the science behind the gems, her extensive knowledge...
How to
‘Jewellery has such a narrative’, says jewellery designer Georgina Boyce. Never more so than on your wedding day, when the pieces you wear will not only be admired...
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  • Engagement ring inspiration for anyone searching this weekend. If you’d like a complimentary consultation to discuss your ring contact us >
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  • Jewelery is... Some more of our favourite responses when we asked what jewellery means to you.
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  • A couple of weeks ago we asked you what jewellery meant to you... here are some of our favourites. 💕
  • Bespoke ring by @qishajewelery. Contact us if you have a project you would like to commission and we will find you the perfect jeweller for your project
  • Detachable locks by @marlaaaron for your summer chains 👌🏼

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