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Jewellery career
Almost 10 years ago, a love for diamonds sparked a career change for Lisa Levinson. Since swapping management consultancy for the precious gemstones, she has travelled all over the world working with the stones. From folkloric tales to the science behind the gems, her extensive knowledge...
How to
‘Jewellery has such a narrative’, says jewellery designer Georgina Boyce. Never more so than on your wedding day, when the pieces you wear will not only be admired...
  • Today’s #earspiration feat. @alicecicolini & @maria_tash
  • Hands up if this is you? 🙌🏼 As told to ID by @lydiabirgani
  • A collection of gold charms by @foundrae - each with a meaning of it’s own....which would you choose?
  • When people talk to us about their jewels, they often make references to their culture or where they are from. Are there any traditions where you are from? (Swipe left for inspiration!)
  • Definitely in our top 5 pieces spotted @by_couture- lockets by @armansarkisyanjewelry 👌🏼
  • Words to live by.
  • We are obsessed with these new initial charms by @foundrae. Perfect for celebrating your loved ones and keeping them close.
  • We quality check your bespoke rings before you receive them and we select all the jewellers we work with based on their original design and unrivalled craftsmanship. 
For advice on finding your perfect engagement ring from a network of the best jewellers worldwide email us for a consultation >
  • Designed for men but us women want it too @stephenwebsterjewellery
  • 🌈 ❤️ by @carolina_bucci #thisiscouture

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