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  • We are looking for an intern to join our team for 3 months, 2 days a week from November. Ideal for someone looking to get into the jewellery industry. Please email if interested.
  • You are loved. Feat. @sueljewelry spotted @megamegaprojects
  • No words needed. @selimmouzannar
  • Iconic leaf ring by @olelynggaardcopenhagen spotted @thejewelleryrm - so beautifully made and so comfortable to wear.
  • This spinning galaxy necklace by @bibivandervelden is carved out of fossilised mammoth tusk and set with opals and diamonds on a gold chain.
  • Your Saturday night #earspiration feat. @noorfares new crescent earrings 🌙✨
  • Stunning new diamond and enamel piece from Lebanese designer @selimmouzannar spotted in Paris @valerydemureshowroom
  • As told to INDTL by @monicaainley_ 💃🏻
  • A greek blend - jewellery by two of our favourites @ele_karela @zolotasjewelry 👌🏼
  • The best things.... #smallpackages feat. @zoeandmorgan

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