• ‘My passion for jewellery started after my grandmother passed away. We were very close. On her death bed she handed me a sock filled with jewellery. We have identical hands so her rings fit me perfectly.’
As told to INDTL by Miranda Levit - fashion branding expert who shares her passion for mid-century jewels on @abstractioncreation
  • The gorgeous @francescasimonspr showing us how to layer.
  • ‘The symbols are tools, intended to be specific to the wearer - about self-expression, self-discovery. It’s about finding something that speaks to you - a declaration, a core value, or something you want to work on.’
The founder of @foundrae shares the concept behind the brand (link in the bio)
  • ‘We didn’t just want to open a jewellery store, we wanted a comfortable environment - an extension of our living room.’ ———————————————————————Beth Bugdaycay, founder of @foundrae on the launch of their new New York store (link in bio)
  • Ring by @marinabjewelry 👌🏼
  • ‘In Italy, when you’re born, you are often given jewellery - I was given gold bands with a spring clasp. Maybe that’s where my thing for brackets comes from...I feel naked without them on.’ ——————————————————————Content artist @giorgiaascolani shares her passion for jewellery (link in bio)
  • ‘My style is like an Italian Signora who’s spent too much time in Miami! Especially in the summer, I wear turbans and really big earrings.’
Content artist @giorgiaascolani talks about her jewellery style on INDTL (link in bio)
  • ‘Sometimes my boyfriend will say ‘you look like a rapper’ - that’s when I know I’ve put just the right amount of jewellery on’ ————————————————————————
As told to INDTL by content artist @giorgiaascolani - see what’s in her jewellery box by following the link in the bio....
  • Hands up if this is you ☝🏽————————————————-
As told to @indetaillondon by @henrydominiquejewelry
  • Sunday blues feat. earrings by @armansarkisyanjewelry spotted @by_couture #couture2018

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