The news that 72 new emojis have been approved for release has been greeted aptly with a flurry of web-based excitement (in the absence of new gem stones, avocado and crossed fingers...
  • “I’ve been working in Hatton Garden since I was 15. During the 80s it was full of workshops and craftsmen - you could hear the tapping of metal against metal as you walked down the street” ————————————————————————
As told to INDTL by @rebussignetrings founder Emmet Smith (link in bio)
  • Cool blues. Bracelet stack by @jemmawynne ✨
  • Worlds gone wedding crazy so we asked designer @georgina_boyce to share her tips for choosing jewellery for your wedding day...(link in bio)
  • ✊🏼 by @fraserhamiltonjewellery
  • It’s all in the details...these drop charm pendants by @retrouvai have secret messages on the back such as ‘anything is possible’ on the flying pig charm ✨
  • Bracelet from @selimmouzannar Mina Collection 👌🏼✨
  • On point. @ananyafinejewellery ✨
  • She’s an artist by trade and she’s mastered the art of layering (swipe left) @henrydominiquejewelry talks about her personal collection of jewels over on INDTL (link in bio)
  • She collects antique chains, her current gemstone obsession is turquoise and she styles necklaces better than anyone we know. In our new feature, Jewellery Box Dispatches, @henrydominiquejewelry shares her jewellery necklace collection from San Francisco. (Link in the bio)
  • As told to INDTL by Rebekah Hall co-founder of @botaniclab.

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