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  • "I have a collection of vintage jewellery by David Andersen. I particularly like his trademark leaf earrings which I now own in about 10 different colours including black, red, white, emerald and electric blue. They are so modern they could have been made yesterday. By putting two onto one ear, top and bottom it creates a really striking look."
Bridalwear designer @poppydover_bridal shares her jewellery box on In Detail (link in bio) Warning: enviable hair in this post!! 💁🏽
  • "I tend not to follow trends too much. A lot of my jewellery has sentimental value. I like jewellery that I can bring out and fall in love with time & time again." ----------------------------------------------------
Bridalwear designer @poppydover_bridal shares her jewellery box on In Detail (link in bio)
  • "When Mark and I got engaged his mother very kindly allowed me to pick a family ring. There was a very pretty Aquamarine I remember but I wanted to wear my ring every day so it wasn't practical. Instead I chose a solitaire diamond.My hands are not delicate sadly, so everyone agreed that I should do something to it. My mother had a jeweller near Hatton Garden. He had brilliant ideas and together we searched antique rings. I loved the cluster ring style so we played around with the shape by pressing my diamond into plasticine, and surrounding it with some smaller stones from the diamond bourse.
The original diamond had belonged to Mark's great grandmother. Mark's mother once mentioned they bought it in India. My mother-in-law was born and partly raised in Sumatra and my grandmother had been brought up in Penang, now Malaya so I feel a close connection with this part of the world & I love the sentiment the ring carries.
Twenty three years' later I saw a split in the gold. It had worn through after constant wear. When I told Mark he said 'well that's it then.' I'm glad to say it isn't and it will be twenty five years next year!_______________________________________________________
~ As told to INDTL by Julia as part of our #INDTLstories series. To share your story please tag us or email
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