We believe in an enduring connection between wearer and jewellery.

Jewellery connects people to one another, to previous generations, to moments, to places, to events. We want to inspire these connections, to trace the stories jewellery tells.

The prologue starts long before a piece reaches a wearer. Diamonds take billions of years to come to the earth’s surface and are sorted, cut, graded and set. Gold, mined in minute nuggets is refined, cast, beaten, and polished. Every piece passes through many hands – miners, stonecutters, craftsman, designers, previous owners, auctioneers – before it reaches yours.

Jewellery is treasured, passed down through generations, given to friends. Bought and sold, lost and found, forgotten and rediscovered, re-set and redesigned – a continually evolving narrative.

The modern world moves fast. Brands have responded with more collections, shorter production times, faster delivery. Publications churn out more content with tighter deadlines and shorter lead-times.

We believe in the merits of slowing down. Taking time. Going into detail.

Like the very best jewellers, we have always focused on quality over quantity. We let our ideas percolate, we mull them over, explore our themes, build our point of view. We trace narrative threads and deliver informed opinions; inspiration alongside information. We share the things we love.

We believe in listening as well as speaking. We are a platform for collaboration and communication, for voices in (and out of) jewellery. We are about bringing people together – jewellery lovers, jewellery wearers, jewellery designers, jewellery makers, jewellery writers.

Lifespan is key. We are not about seasonal reinvention, trends, the throwaway culture – we want the jewellery we feature and the content we create to be as relevant in five years’ time as the day we publish. Sustainable content is the first step we are taking on the path to supporting and encouraging sustainability in our industry.

We embrace and champion new technology. We celebrate innovation alongside time-honoured techniques. We want to challenge the status quo, to drive the jewellery industry into the future.

We are about exploring, pondering, dreaming.

We are In Detail.

  • ‘My passion for jewellery started after my grandmother passed away. We were very close. On her death bed she handed me a sock filled with jewellery. We have identical hands so her rings fit me perfectly.’
As told to INDTL by Miranda Levit - fashion branding expert who shares her passion for mid-century jewels on @abstractioncreation
  • The gorgeous @francescasimonspr showing us how to layer.
  • ‘The symbols are tools, intended to be specific to the wearer - about self-expression, self-discovery. It’s about finding something that speaks to you - a declaration, a core value, or something you want to work on.’
The founder of @foundrae shares the concept behind the brand (link in the bio)
  • ‘We didn’t just want to open a jewellery store, we wanted a comfortable environment - an extension of our living room.’ ———————————————————————Beth Bugdaycay, founder of @foundrae on the launch of their new New York store (link in bio)
  • Ring by @marinabjewelry 👌🏼
  • ‘In Italy, when you’re born, you are often given jewellery - I was given gold bands with a spring clasp. Maybe that’s where my thing for brackets comes from...I feel naked without them on.’ ——————————————————————Content artist @giorgiaascolani shares her passion for jewellery (link in bio)
  • ‘My style is like an Italian Signora who’s spent too much time in Miami! Especially in the summer, I wear turbans and really big earrings.’
Content artist @giorgiaascolani talks about her jewellery style on INDTL (link in bio)
  • ‘Sometimes my boyfriend will say ‘you look like a rapper’ - that’s when I know I’ve put just the right amount of jewellery on’ ————————————————————————
As told to INDTL by content artist @giorgiaascolani - see what’s in her jewellery box by following the link in the bio....
  • Hands up if this is you ☝🏽————————————————-
As told to @indetaillondon by @henrydominiquejewelry
  • Sunday blues feat. earrings by @armansarkisyanjewelry spotted @by_couture #couture2018

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