One To Watch

Alexia Jordan

Meet Alexia Jordan whose love for different cultures (she grew up between New York, Moscow and London) and a personal desire to express herself through her jewels led to the launch of her debut collection ‘Symbols’ – largely inspired by tattoos.

Our first meeting with fine jeweller Alexia Jordan, was a chance encounter on a night out, a few days after she moved to London from New York. Magpies that we are, we were immediately drawn to the stacks of delicate rings that adorned her fingers. Two months later, not only has she settled into Notting Hill-life, she has also launched her eponymous fine jewellery label, meaning that you too can get your hands on those rings! We caught up with Alexia to bring you a first look at this new and exciting brand…

What is the concept behind the brand?

I’ve always loved accessories. For me jewellery is an outlet for expression. At first I designed jewellery for myself but gradually it progressed into a brand. The concept was to create quality jewellery, made from the finest materials,  that was both accessible and affordable to a wider net of people.

You have just moved to London from New York. Do you notice a difference in attitude towards how women style their jewels?

I wouldn’t say there is a difference in attitude but stackable fine jewellery is more accessible in New York and therefore a much more prominent trend.

How do you style your own jewellery?

My style is basic and centred around comfort – jeans and a tee being my staple, so I use jewellery to make a statement. I mix classic and modern pieces, I’m an avid stacker! I’m particularly fond of rings; I never leave the house without them.

Tell us about your debut collection?

The collection was inspired by small tattoos. Each symbol was chosen because I identified with their meaning. I wanted to emulate how tattoos float on the skin so I designed a series of open rings using negative space. The rest of the collection took shape from there.

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