Photographic content

Most of the photos posted on In Detail* are taken by us. Where possible a link or credit will be given to any other images used on the site that are not taken by us. If we have failed to credit an image appropriately or you do not wish an image to be featured on In Detail please do not hesitate to contact us. If you wish to use our own images please credit and link to our site.

*Please note that the ‘Inspiration’ category featured in the navigation bar on In Detail re-directs you to our Tumblr page. Images featured on our Tumblr page are for inspiration purposes only and have been taken and re-blogged from around the web. We do not take credit for the images featured on our Tumblr page unless otherwise stated.


Occasionally we may be given free products or samples for review but these are not accepted in exchange for editorial or post content. However if we love a product or sample we have been given we may choose to feature it within a post at any point. In this instance the free product will be credited as ‘courtesy of’ the company of origin.

Paid collaborations or sponsored content that is featured on the site will be disclosed within the respective post or feature.

Sponsorship enables us to keep In Detail going so we are grateful to all our readers for your support.