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Since subscribing to Tumblr  and Pinterest  I have become even more fascinated by what makes great “jewellery style”.  When I do the daily trawl through other people’s pin-boards and blogs, I am not just looking for a great necklace or ring but rather the relationship between people’s personal style and the jewellery they choose to wear. The “Detail” is not only in the jewellery itself, but in the clothes, textures, fabrics, colours, tattoos, make up, hairstyles and even the lifestyle that surrounds a piece.

With jewellery I have always saved up for long periods of time to buy one really special piece that I know will last rather than shopping the high-street for fleeting trends and pieces that will on the whole fall apart or turn your fingers blue! The great thing about writing In Detail is that I’m constantly accessing other people’s jewellery and getting ideas for how to style my own. And the more I do the more I realise that this doesn’t mean rushing out and buying a new piece every time you want a fresh look because in the same way a new piece of jewellery can update an old outfit, a new outfit can update your old jewellery.

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In the past I have used jewellery as the finishing touch to an outfit but recently I have been starting with the jewellery I want to wear and styling and buying my clothes accordingly. It can be a challenge but it makes you think of jewellery in a different way and as an integral part of an outfit rather than the finishing touch.

We hope our Tumblr,  Pinterest and wonderful style interviews will inspire you to do the same and if you fancy sharing your personal style with us then please tweet us your pics to @indetailblog and we will re-tweet and post the best jewellery style on our Facebook page.