Emerald - A book by Thames & Hudson

thames and hudson emerald book in detail

Since receiving our copy of “Emerald” a lavishly illustrated coffee table book by Thames and Hudson, I haven’t been able to put it down. Bringing together four leading authors, a selection of rich photography and beautiful illustrations this deeply informative book is divided into three parts that tell the story of this exquisite gemstone.

Introducing the book, Franca Sozzani, editor of Vogue Italia, gives a personal perspective on women, jewellery and style whilst british author, Hettie Judah researches the history of the power, status and allure of the emerald, which was first discovered over 5000 years ago.

In the second section, jewellery specialist Joanna Hardy presents over 200 pieces of the finest Emerald jewellery ever to be made. She explores iconic jewels of the past, some that no longer exist and are represented only by archived designs or images of the women that owned and wore them. Commissions by the Maharajas of the nineteenth century and heiresses of the twentieth sit alongside jewellery from some of the worlds leading jewellery houses, as well as contemporary pieces being created by designers practising today.

In the final section of the book, author Jonathan Self sets out to uncover the secrets of the emerald trade. His compelling first-hand accounts take you on a journey from the bazaars in Jaipur, India, where he witnesses the extraordinary negotiating traditions of a gem deal, to a day spent at Kagem, the world’s largest emerald mine of all time, where he interviews the men responsible for finding these rare and precious stones.

This book will be published on 16th December 2013 by Thames & Hudson.