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The jewellery designer with a heritage steeped in design

Patcharavipa jewellery designer

I look to my grandma, my mother and my sisters for inspiration when designing” says London based Jewellery designer Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura.  “They like to dress up and be bold.”

A fervent traveller, living between London and Bangkok, she collects inspiration from all over the world; each collection a hybrid of a theme, a texture and a form. Here Patcharavipa tells us about her family heritage, the importance of texture and being an entrepreneur from the age of thirteen.

Do you take any inspiration directly from the other designers in your family?

My grandfather made a house in 1915 which was made entirely from teak wood using no nails. He was always thinking outside the box, and this ethos inspires me.

camera Hexagon hoops in 18kt black gold and diamonds

What made you decide to study jewellery design?

I always knew I wanted to design jewellery. I designed a few pieces of costume jewellery when I was thirteen which I showed at Bangkok fashion week. They sold out. I also launched a service for crystallising phones.

What does jewellery mean to you?

Jewellery is about commitment and romance. The back of a piece of jewellery should always be as beautiful as the front. It is really important how a piece of jewellery fits the body; this is how I value jewellery.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

The themes are very personal. My first collection Coexistence is homage to my grandparents. It’s created from coconut shells from Ampawa which is where they met.  Tushroom – is inspired by the combined silhouettes of tulips and mushrooms spotted in Amsterdam but the texture is inspired by the cave walls I used to climb as a kid. 

Where is the jewellery made?

In Bangkok. We have a storefront attached to our workshop where my five goldsmiths create the pieces. I met the craftsmen in 2014 after I graduated from CSM. We use traditional techniques, as we value the craft. We all train each other. We use 18kt yellow gold and Siam (black) gold. We mix all our own gold in-house

camera Rings from the Coexsistence collection, coconut shell, 18kt black gold and diamonds

Tell me about the concept for the store.

We are very proud of our jewellery display which we created in collaboration with French architect Cigue. We wanted to trick the human eye, to create something unexpected. Each display looks like a concrete block, but is actually made from a spongy material that is soft to touch. It heightens the tactile experience of interacting with our jewellery.

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