Meet The Maker

Behind the scenes with fine jeweller Leyla Abdollahi

In the competitive world of fine jewellery, emerging designer Leyla Abdollahi is carving out a distinct path of her own. 

Sculptural forms, mystical silhouettes, engineered movement and an expressive colour palate of precious stones, are all signature to the brand. Making waves globally, Leyla travels between London, Tehran, Dubai and LA, taking inspiration from the different cultures as she goes. As Leyla prepares to launch her latest collection, we swung by her London studio, to bring you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

How did you get into jewellery design?

From a young age I paid great attention to detail. The women in my family are passionate about collecting jewellery, so I spent hours as a child drawing my own designs. This lead to a degree in jewellery design at Central Saint Martin’s University in London. After graduating I freelanced as a designer for various companies before launching my own fine jewellery brand in 2011.

What was the concept behind the brand and how would you describe the jewellery you create?

The idea was to introduce an exclusive fine jewellery line with a bespoke service  and distinctive style. My creations are elegant and sophisticated, yet edgy and on trend. They appeal to different age groups, cultures and styles.

Where does you inspiration come from?

I find inspiration in so many different sources. Ideas are constantly flowing, through travel, seeing different cultures, looking through a history book, visiting a great art exhibition, listening to music or simply mingling with people. They all influence and inspire me on a daily basis.

You cat Mamoosh is always by your side in the studio - does he pay much attention to the jewels?

Yes. He loves shiny objects and once stole a tanzanite stone when I wasn’t looking. I have to keep a very close eye on him!

How do you describe the jewellery you wear and what would your styling advice be fore someone wearing your jewellery?

I like my jewels to compliment my outfits. A piece of statement jewellery can significantly add to or alter a look. As for someone wearing my jewellery, I’d say have fun with them! My designs are quite flamboyant, but work equally well with both formal evening wear or a casual pair of jeans.

Tell us about your next collection.

It is a collection made up of rings, bracelets, necklaces and a particular focus on earrings, as they are always in demand. I can’t say too much but this new collection will include different kind of studs, ear cuff

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