Hello - New York

in detail new york

So we’ve arrived in New York…loving every minute so far. We wandered around the West village and Soho, had a burger (obviously) and most importantly seen some seriously cool jewels. These New York girls know how to work their bling!

We are here for the next ten days to bring you the best Jewellery style New York has to offer. Oh and we have got some super exciting designer interviews too. But that’s a secret for now! Off to get a whisky sour but come follow us on @indetailblog for the latest.

in detail nyfw my style

in detail nyfw my style

(1) Patrick Mavros silver croc skin ring (2) Rachel Boston Stag Ring and insect leg earrings (3) Multi ring russian wedding ring from India.

  • Tilly

    That stag ring is AMAZING. Cant wait to see all the street style in new york. Bet its insane. xx

  • CHIC!

  • Molly

    Lovely! You look stunning. xx

  • NEED that stag ring! can’t wait to see all of your updates from nyfw, how exciting!


  • beautiful rings. Is it the stag comfy?

    • In Detail

      Very! Haven’t taken it off! Make sure its in your size though so its sits tight!