AW13 Gold Trends - London & Paris fashion week

in detail gold jewellery trends

During London and Paris fashion week we took to the streets to seek out the hottest gold jewellery as part of our collaboration with LoveGold in order to bring you the latest gold trends.

in detail gold jewellery trends

in detail gold earrings

The earrings

Move over chandelier earrings because this season it was all about hoops, ear cuffs and studs. That’s right; because stacking and layering your jewellery is no longer limited to hands, arms and necks. A friend recently asked me ‘do you think it’s a bit sixteen-year-old to get another piercing’ to which the answer was a resounding NO! No longer are multiple piercings an act of teenage rebellion; in fact they have been creeping their way onto the runways and the ears of the fashion elite with a fresh, delicate and sophisticated edge.

in detail mens gold jewellery

in detail mens  gold jewellery

The men

Long gone are the days when men’s jewellery was limited to a single wristwatch or signet ring. We were delighted to see that it was not only the woman who had their gold on display. These two dapper-gents certainly caught our eye with their wonderful attention to the finer details against the backdrop of their tailored attire.

in detail gold ring

in detail gold jewellery trends

in detail gold jewellery trends

in detail gold rings

The rings

Statement, singular, stacked, simple or covered in stones – you name it, we saw it as it was a case of anything goes! Ok not anything but we were spoilt for choice with all the gold rings we spotted outside the shows. Despite the fact that we do see jewellery trends come and go the underlying reason for wearing a piece of jewellery is often so personal and this resonated strongly with the individual designs that adorned the fingers of these fashionable girls.

in detail gold jewellery trends

in detail gold jewellery trends

in detail gold jewellery trends

The look

Someone recently commented on how well the textures of leather and gold complemented one another and it seems these stylish ladies have spotted that too. Leather continued to rule the runway this season; with biker connotations taking on a softer feminine feel. A splash of gold against your leather jacket will give a killer-combination that is sleek, sophisticated and utterly timeless.

in detail gold jewellery trends

in detail cartier nail ring

in detail cartier nail ring

The hero

The ‘Juste un Clou’ needs little introduction because this iconic piece is still as striking as it was when it was first launched by Cartier in the 1970’s. Described by Cartier as ‘the expression of a rebellious nature and the reflection of self-belief’ this bent nail design gives the perfect edge to any fine jewellery collection.

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  • Jess

    This is amazing. I’m a magpie for gold – well spotted and keep it coming!

  • everything featured is gorgeous. i love that the whole more the merrier has carried over to the ears as well. i can’t even describe how much i want those balenciaga gold spiral rings. and the juste un clou is still as beautiful and timeless as ever.


  • Stacking is really a terrific look. Loved it on J Lo on American Idol. She was wearing rings on every finger last week. Looked awesome.