One of the things that resonated most with me when I watched the documentary ‘Bill Cunningham New York’ was when he said he doesn’t go out looking for anything specific to photograph. He describes how he will spot something he likes (whether it be tartan or sculptural shoes) and when he sees it again and again; it is only then that the pattern emerges. Whilst we can’t pretend to have the expertise that only Bill Cunningham could have, having photographed street-fashion in New York for over 50 years, we can agree that it is thrilling to see trends appear before you.

Having grouped this collection of images together for obvious reasons, I have struggled  this afternoon to find exactly what its was that I wanted to say. I thought about mentioning that ‘the accessories do the talking against the black back-drop of these women’s outfits’ or perhaps ‘that the emphasis this autumn was on the wrists ‘ but both seem far too obvious and classic to justify being classified as a ‘fashion trend.’

Instead what I get from these photographs is an inherent sense of style which represents so nicely the way jewellery is often worn. Despite the fact that we do see jewellery trends come and go the underlying reason for wearing a piece of jewellery is often so personal. This collection of photographs is an observation of how several different women have chosen to decorate their wrists and it demonstrates just how original and individual a jewellery collection can be.

in detail PFW SS13 3982 Observing style

in detail PFW SS13 3661 Observing style

in detail PFW SS13 3602 Observing style

in detail PFW SS13 3504 Observing style

in detail PFW SS13 3505 Observing style