Inspired by Hubert de Givenchy, who said that “luxury is in each Detail,” we pay homage to the beauty and craftsmanship of a selection of jewellery from the London concept store Dover Street Market. From the tantalising texture of Hannah Martin’s blue powder coated pendant, to the intricate engineering of Delfina Deletrez folding fluorescent bangles, we zoom in on the finer details that make each piece so unique.

untitled 0784 IN DETAIL

untitled 0726 IN DETAIL

“A 0.30mm sheet of white gold encases the central pearl”
- Melanie Georgacopoulos

untitled 0371 IN DETAIL

untitled 0583 cropped v2 IN DETAIL

“The Torsade series revisits traditional techniques of individually twisting the
pieces by hand.”
- Dina Kamal


untitled 0077 IN DETAIL

untitled 0179 IN DETAIL

“Each earring is hand-set with 326 coloured sapphires”
- Noor Fares


Melanie Georgacopoulos – White gold ring with white pearls / Delfina Delettrez - Dettaile Unique bracelets / Hannah Martin – Blue Spur pendant / Diane Kordas – 18K Black gold Arabesque ring / Dina Kamal - ID Torsade Pinky ring / Dalila Barkache - Black Diamond ring and bracelet / Noor Fares – Octahedron Dress earrings